here we go 2018….

Finally, FINALLY, there are blossoms. I hardly make it through the west coast winters, though my SAD light was mildly helpful. A few weeks ago, I saw the first crocus and took a picture with the plan to make it this season’s cover pic on the blog. Since then, the trees are blossoming and the daffodils are out – no tulips yet.

Being more of an academic than a farmer, I’ve been pouring over my backyard garden bibles: Idiot’s Guide to Straw Bale Gardening and my highly recommended favourite The Zero-Mile Diet: a year-round guide to growing organic food (which I’ll be referencing and featuring a lot!) by west-coaster Carolyn Herriot. As usual, my academic approach is great in theory then falls apart as I procrastinate in actually putting it into action. I’m dreaming big and awkward in the backyard this year. I’ll have to see how much my kids will let me go with that theme.


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