My plan to conquer jam for the year …

I’m “farming” in the city, so my harvests are pretty …. small scale. I guarded the raspberry bush on our deck with a hiss any time my husband or kids wanted to snack on the ripe berries. If I’m going to grow things on my deck, I want to go Laura Ingalls Wilder and store up for the winter. But when my crop is one planter, the store for the winter is down to one jar of something. We aren’t a jam family, so I thought it’d be brilliant to harvest the 20 raspberries I had and make a jam. Since it’s just my guests that eat it, I could successfully be self-sufficient in jam for the year! (Minus the pectin, jars, wax lids, and sugar I need to buy from the local superstore).

I found a recipe in a book I bought at Ten Thousand Villages called Saving the Seasons

But the recipe called for enough supplies to make about 9 jars of jam. I’m neither instinctive, nor particularly successful in the kitchen. (Thankfully, my husband loves cooking). I improvise. I’m slowly learning that’s not a good idea with baking and other chemistry-based-tasks. I dug out my canning supplies and washed my one tiny jar. I hear about the canning parties of long assembly lines of mass production. This was not the case. I lovingly boiled up my mashed 20 raspberries. I decided that if the recipe made 9 jars, I should divide the recipe’s ingredients by 9.

The result is a lovely jar, filled a little less than it’s supposed to be. I would paste a nice blog-style-“how-to” or even the specific recipe for making one small jar of jam, but I’ve decided not to because …. I failed. It hasn’t set. The Ingalls would be out of jam for the Long Winter if I were in their household. There’s still hope for the strawberries starting to ripen though …. 

4 thoughts on “My plan to conquer jam for the year …

  1. Love your farming! For the strawberries, I highly recommend “No Cook Freezer Jam” by Club House 🙂 No cooking, WAY less sugar, and easy peasy!! Smiling in Granton.

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