English cucumber wrapped in plastic

I hate all the plastic around the vegetables in the store. I hate field cucumbers more. My son has shares in the company that imports/exports English cucumbers wrapped in plastic. I can see why: nice and ¬†crunchy, not sour. But the guilt I feel in regards to the plastic and the suspiciously perfect body of the cucumber …. until yesterday. My friend, a Farmer’s Market Manager, asked me to pick up a cucumber for her. I gave her one of my three wrapped in plastic, then in plastic again. I’m pretty sure I saw some of it on her burger. Even the best of us falter at times.


2 thoughts on “English cucumber wrapped in plastic

  1. My pet peeve is how much people use plastic bags for their produce purchases. People you don’t need a plastic bag for your one pepper, or a bunch of bananas, or a head of cauliflower… my other produce pet peeve is styrofoam for berry containers.

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