Deck farming! Containers and hanging baskets

My goal is to slowly encroach upon my children’s “claim” of the backyard. They say the open space is for playing, throwing a baseball, and running around … but each year, I take a little bit more yard. They haven’t really noticed so far. The old trampoline has helped distract them from the yard space ( a trampoline, by the way, I single-handedly dismantled and transported in a little Ford Focus wagon – an hour of driving with dozens of spiders coming out of the poles, dangling from my rear-view mirror … I’m not exaggerating … I’m VERY proud of myself for that feat). Anyway, I digress. Until I can claim the backyard as my farmland, I am doing a lot of growing in containers.

Even in a small space, we city-folk can grow a surprising amount of fresh fruit or veggies. I use small containers for lettuce, herbs, beets and radishes. I use pots or hanging planters for strawberries, beans and peas. Instead of ivy or clematis vines, I plant sweet peas and beans as my decor. I bought a monster planter from Costco last year and put my raspberry canes in it (basically to contain the wild bush it becomes). Years ago, I even tried carrots–they grew into the shape of “L”s from growing to the bottom of the planter and turning left – or right.

The confession: I used Miracle-Gro on them this year.



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