Greenish – stumbling through some urban farming . . .

I live in a suburb: not a cool, west-coast neighbourhood of eclectic homes and creative landscapes, but a suburb as BC-box as it gets.

Like those who detest the transition to a mini-van, I despised my house for quite awhile. It was boring and very … square. Over the years, my husband (and my dad on his out-of-province visits) slowly transformed the building and humoured me with things like Hobbit-hole-playhouses and lots of garden space. 

I have always wanted to be the environmentally conscious, Suzuki-inspired person, but I suck at it. For every step forward I make in healthy home-grown food, I take five steps back in my other areas of consumerism.

However, I’ve decided that even though I’m not moving forward very quickly toward my environmental ideals, at least facing in the right direction is better than ignoring it completely.

I’m looking for other people to share ideas with, those who want to make sustainable choices, who live in a condo (not a hobby farm), for those who canned some beans but still buy shares in Kraft Dinner.